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Yovik – your pet game

Meet your new best friend Yovik and our new exciting game – My virtual pet!
Yovik is a pet, a virtual puppy who lives in a world full of adventures and fun, likes to play, eat tasty food, fashionable dressing and good sleep. If you want to know how your new favorite pet lives, first you need to make friends. And given the nature of Yovik – it will not be very difficult for you. After all, this cute and funny pet, like all puppies, is just waiting to be stroked, fed, washed, nicely dressed and played with. And of course he has his favorite hobby – he loves flowers, fish, birds and hamsters.
Our new game is very simple. Moving from level to level each day you need to feed various delicacies to Yovik and bathe him. Make sure that it gets enough sleep, choose new fashionable things in the wardrobe and much more. To earn coins you need to play with him daily in various mini-games. That will not let you get bored you or your new friend. And if you want to have a good laugh just turn on the microphone and talk to him – he will repeat everything you say in a funny way.
The plot of the game:
– change the interior of the house, creating a more comfortable living environment for the puppy.
– have a fun uttering funny phrases and listening to what you are said.
– play with him in dressing rooms, choosing new fashionable things and accessories in your wardrobe.
– do not forget to feed your pet sweets and delicacies, because it depends on his
mood and desire to play with you.
– bathe Yovik more often, he just loves purity and freshness.
– play with him every day, go to the mini-games section, earn coins and at the same time increase your level. As you increase your level you will receive various gifts and
nice bonuses.

All you need to do is to download the game my pet, install it on your phone or tablet and start Having a fun with your new virtual friend.

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