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Your scary teacher neighbor

It’s this game that makes it possible to get caught up in the spirit of adventurism and experience the espionage passions! It can involve a huge arsenal of objects, as well as test your nerves for strength! Do not leave a terrifying, but fascinating intellectual battle with your neighbor without a denouement! Prove that you can collect evidence even in the most difficult situation!

The circumstances force you to leave the usual situation and move to a new place of residence. Having settled in a new house, you, certainly, would like to get acquainted with all around. But the neighbor opposite clearly and clearly made it clear that he does not intend to communicate: he is angry with everyone who tries to approach his house, even pulling the curtains tight in the afternoon, and strange and unpleasant sounds come from his house. You begin to attend to fears: what interests your neighbor? Causes spirits, dismembers those disagreeable, or does sectarians hold secret meetings in his house? The blob that filled your patience was how the neighbor once knocked the basement, and you decided to act! Your main goal is to penetrate into the neighbor’s house and get more facts about his dark nature. But you need to be as cautious as possible, because the neighbor is always on the alert and even a loosely covered door can alert him. And if he finds you – the mission is failed, and you will be back in your house to start the journey from the beginning. Remember also that the neighbor remembers the circumstances under which you caught, and you will not be able to get to the house in the previous way – he will put traps there!


Open more rooms to find out more secrets of a neighbor!
For the effectiveness of espionage, use special tools!
Divide your neighbor with tricks with turning off the light or throwing objects in the opposite direction!
Do not fall into a neighbor, otherwise entering the house next time will be much more difficult!

You are waiting for an incredible adventure and a quest for the unknown rooms of the neighbor’s house! Do not lose self-control, and then the mystery will be revealed to you!
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