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X-Power 3D Android

Let the battle begin! X-Power is a Chibi themed RPG complete with a plethora of characters and customizable battle formations – all set in an immersive PVP world of fantasy and fiction.

Collect, customize, and evolve your heroes as you refine your battle strategy and tactics in this interactive RPG. Level up your abilities while amassing thousands of unique pieces of gear and loot. Traverse a diverse landscape with your guild mates and destroy your rivals with coordinated strategies. X-Power lets you shape the battle! Will you focus on overwhelming DPS or will you craft a well-rounded squad outfitted with melee, ranged, healing heroes? Choose wisely and show your enemies no mercy!

• Choose between a variety of tank, DPS, healer, and support classes
• Upgrade and customize your heroes’ skills and appearances
• Go solo and face challenging dungeon bosses
• Test your skills in multiplayer arenas and guild battles
• Plunder other player’s fragments to craft unique gear
• Form a clan and dominate the rival opposition
• Customize hero skill combinations to maximize damage
• Become a VIP through daily activity – not by spending money
• Interact with thousands of online players from around the world
• Lose yourself in the Chibi themed world of fantasy


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Total Size : 273 Mb

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