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World of Samanazu
(World of Summoners)
And personality rich six Summoner us
Let’s go to war beyond the time!

◆ simultaneous multiple, cooperative play!
Both fight Multiplayer equipped with up to 4 people!
Let’s play with everyone invited friends!

◆ Aim the strongest! Match play!
Game in a variety of players and real-time PvP!
Seize the victory strategizing!

◆ strategy is endless!
Cara equipment and summoned unit terrain …
How to fight a combination depending on the infinite!

◆ become stronger in the equipment evolution!
All equipment and all rarity three stage evolution!
The more you evolve, the war situation is advantageously!

◆ stage of the fight in the past, present and future
Fly around the space-time, Aim the strongest in history!

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