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Wolf Wildlife –

Wolf Wildlife – Free

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Every month in full moon the werewolf arises after weeks inside a human appearance. For a single night he turns into a fearsome raging werewolf and goes to the jungle where there is nobody to hurt but other wolves.
Assist our werewolf friend in his special night to avoid the dangers of the jungle! Hide him from the jungle wolves who are raging to see another predator in their territory!
Help the werewolf to survive in a race across the jungle keeping wolves away from him!

– Start running avoiding every wolf on your way
– Choose the difficulty levels by selecting your favourite raging werewolf and enjoy a dangerous race across the jungle
– Improve your ranking in a worldwide competition in this wolves game
– Remember not to slow down in these amazing races!
– Realistic scene with incredible animal graphics!
– Easy mobile control for all skill levels
– Appropriate for kids and adults who love wolves racing games

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Wolf Wildlife – For Android

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