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Wings of Virtus

Pilot, fasten your seatbelts and defend the skyline against the enemy intruder! Send the alien motherships back to the galaxy they came from! The Terran Commonwealth is under attack by an aggressive alien species!

🎮 Wings of Virtus is a classic shoot-em-up with retro gameboy visuals and gameplay 🎮

○ Destroy countless alienspace ships
○ Create phase barriers in front of your ship that block incoming shots and amp your outgoing fire
○ Straight and pure action gameplay: No in-game shops, no grinding, no rubbish – pure arcade skill counts!
○ Equip your ship on the fly by collecting powerups
○ Lose them all if you get hit once
○ Beat 12 challenging levels
○ Unlock the expert mode and prove yourself once and for all
○ Defend the city against the huge alien motherships
○ Enjoy fantastic sound effects and the orchestral soundtrack

The wings of virtus await, pilot!Download Wings of Virtus for free
Free download Wings of Virtus :

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