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Wild Run (By Branchwell Game) – iOS / Android – Gameplay Video

Download Wild Run (By Branchwell Game) – iOS / Android – Gameplay Video
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Join Leafy and his friends on a whimsical journey through the jungle!

Hop, bounce and fall through an endless tangle of trees!

As you travel downwards, you’ll encounter spiky vines, sticky platforms, unstable stones, &

springy mushrooms. Power-ups like the Invincible Shield, Magnet and Potion will help you

survive. Collect coins as you descend through the jungle and use them to unlock cute

companions. Beware of falling rocks, gusting winds and stinging bees, a few false moves and it

may be all over!

Steer clear of danger and you will be rewarded on your Wild Run!

Wild Run features:

 Endless combinations of obstacles and power-ups in each game

 Cute characters to unlock

 Simple tap-and-hold controls

 A fantasy world, full of surprise!

App Store – (Launch Date: November 19, 2015)

Play store –

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