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Wheels On Bus Kids Activities


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Game Description

It is time for a small adventure in the bus. Go for a long drive in the kid’s bus where you are going to play and do various different fun activities which will help you learn many things about the roads like the traffic rules, driving the bus, making sure that you dint hit anything while driving on the road so you have to be always alert while driving a bus. And finally when you are ready with all your activities you can participate in a bus race and defeat the bus of other kid’s school with your driving skills.


  • 1) Learn to cross the road safely on the zebra crossing.
  • 2) Learn all the different traffic rules so that you can drive any vehicles safely.
  • 3) Clean the dirty bus with different big cleaning materials.
  • 4) Get yourself ready as a bus driver with the most stylish outfits.
  • 5) Continue with your adventure as a bus driver and complete all the different activities in it.
  • 6) Share this game with your friends to add fun to your game.


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