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War Storm – Clash of Heroes Gameplay iOS / Android

War Storm – Clash of Heroes Gameplay iOS / Android

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Build—Grow—Conquer—Defend! Claim your piece of the great World Map in this thrilling new MMO Strategy Game.

The sun was rising for the powerful empire of Epton. Once a war-torn continent, the noble King William rediscovered the power of Magic and used it to forge together long feuding kingdoms. But little did he know the cost of his deeds: The very magic which once united the kingdom has returned to tear it apart.

Now, summoned from beyond, the evil arch-demon Papas has shattered the order of our great world. Once again, king fights with king and the common man pays the price. What’s worse, horrid creatures roam our lands, and Papas himself has raised an army of the undead!

The future of Ahzeria is in your hands. Will you forge powerful alliances to defeat the Demon King, or become a power hungry warlord yourself? The choice is yours…


● Join a worldwide community of Kings and Warlords
● Form an alliance with your friends, or other players from around the globe!
● Summon legendary heroes and uncover powerful relics to enhance their abilities.
● Utilize strategy and diplomacy in battle; the pen is mightier than the sword!
● Innovative world-map tactics. Position your forces behind city walls or camp just outside your enemy’s gates!
● Build a great empire and watch your glory climb on the leaderboard!
● Plenty to discover, a persistent universe in your pocket!
● Active developers with constant updates! Looking forward to you joining our world!


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