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War of Caribbean Gameplay iOS / Android

War of Caribbean Gameplay iOS / Android

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War of Caribbean by Gameview Plus (iOS/Android)
《War of Caribbean》 will never stop, time to make epic history on the sea in the new action RPG in 3D! Mankind had conquered every inch of the land, but never the ocean. Sets out to a marvelous adventure on the water, filled with thrilling combats, breathtaking visuals, and exciting mini games to get your blood rushing at all time. You start off as a normal sailor who has nothing but a ship. As you get the hang of it, start building and grow your ocean arsenal, collect rare artifacts and fight against vicious enemies and ancient monstrosities to be the King of the Ocean! So, do you have what it takes to win the ‘War of Caribbean’?
Key Features:
Craft your unique arsenal
– Build a victorious team to welcome your ever-winning record. Recruit and train sailors, craft ships, join guilds and know more companions along the journey. Winning never sounds so fun.
Kickass mini games along the way
– Enjoy simple riddles, mystical mazes, and a few lucky card games that can open new possibilities for you after a few bloody combats on the ocean. Also, these games can bring you a handful of fortune, enough for you to get new items, even upgrade your cruise!
Strategize to achieve ultimate victory
– You will have to think the unthinkable to win the battles. From battle cruise selection, supplies division, to unleashing skills and combos, each decision will drives your fate to different paths. Think twice before making any moves!


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