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War Force – Android Gameplay HD

Download game War Force – Android Gameplay HD

Become the commander.
Become the leader.
Be the best.
War Force is a tactical and strategic real-time modern combat battle simulator. Build your base and train troops to take to battle.
In battle paradrop in your units then issue commands individually and in real time. Use strategic choices to maneuver your units to do pinpoint attacks on fortified enemies. Take out the commander, the HQ and base defenses to wrestle control from your enemies.
– Choose from 1 of 3 War Forces.
Upgrade and customise your War Commander.
– Upgrade your HQ to unlock more units upgrades and weaponry to pummel your enemies.
– Hunt out weak bases and eliminate key targets with pin-point accuracy.
– Call in reinforcements from your War Force as well as help our your allies.
– Compete on a global leaderboard for success.
– Work together as a team to ensure superior strength.
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