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VR Battle Helicopters for Google Cardboard – Android / iOS VR Game

VR Battle Helicopters for Google Cardboard

Download VR Battle Helicopters for Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard Game

VR Game

Get ready for an exciting VR experience in the first ever Virtual Reality Battle Helicopters. Take control of your helicopter, fight with your opponents and experience a life-like environment with stunning 3D graphics in complete 360º head movement.
How to play
• The game is played exclusively with 360° head movements and shooting down the enemies is achieved only with your eyes!
• No magnetic switch or NFC needed!
• Challenge your opponent’s to beat their score on the global leaderboard!
• It works perfectly with the new Google Cardboard and other similar VR glasses (headsets).
• We recommend you to use headphones, for the best immersion.


  • Amazing graphics and gameplay is just brilliant.I haven’t seen any such VR game on the store yet. Worth the money. Thank you.
  • I must say the screenshots are really impressive and when I downloaded the game, I wasn’t regretting that I downloaded this awesome game. Let me brief you about my experience, first of all the presentation is just awesome right from the menu. You would definitely want to press on it. Then get ready to immerse yourself in an amazing environment and real world with 360º rotation making optimum use of cardboard. And by the time you are experiencing the environment and great graphics, you notice like what it has fighting mode as well where you fight with another helicopter. I was so amazed and pleased to see that
  • A perfect 360 drgree VR game I have noticed no one has talked about the sounds which I believe is one of the important aspect in the game and which really keeps you engaged to the game. Yes graphics are brilliant and 360 degree fight mode is just amazing but sounds are also great which actually connects you with the game.
  • Honestly the best VR game
  • Just awesome VR war game Really great VR game definitely one of the best i have play so far. Please update with more enemies
  • The best vr game on the store Just love the graphics and gameplay is just brilliant. I haven’t seen any such game on the store yet. Well done!


About developer:

Digital World Studio

Digital World Studio Ltd is an independent game development studio based in Cyprus EU, consisted of high calibre team of experts from several countries around the world with many years of experience in the game development industry. At Digital World Studio we selectively develop top quality, clever and entertaining games with an aim to become a significant contributor to the games development industry targeting global market on a wide number of platforms including Windows PC & Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Flash, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Wii. Additionally in creating our own games, we can develop, publish, maintain and support our clients’ ideas regarding a videogame or an interactive environment.


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