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Valkyrie: Epic War Gameplay IOS / Android

Valkyrie: Epic War Gameplay IOS / Android

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Valkyrie:Epic War by Unalis Tech (IOS/Android)
“When the time’s come the Valkyries rising, in Three Kingdom, there’s a thin line between being a legend and being a memory.”
In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, it was the darkest time of ancient China. The tyrant Hanling ruled our world, social turbulence occurred, war spread and destruction across the land, people feared about the social situation. There was a Valkyrie rising, her name’s Ma Chao, the savior of the folk, later on she became one of the prominent Valkyries of the Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei. She gathered other Valkyries, and bravely fought against the tyrant. The historic war, the Yellow Turban Rebellion, triggered the fallen of Eastern Han Dynasty. Numerous future leaders uprisen after the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Those legendary Valkyries are Lui Bei, Chang Fei, Guan Yu, Shao yun, Huang Zhong, whose ultimate mission is to vanquish the tyrant and his fellow. To stop the power spread around the world, Ma Chao needs you to summon moreValkyries for the country. You, the savior of the world, come and join the epic battles that unfold the era of the three kingdom period, change the history, free the people, and save our world.

First-ever 3D real-time Japanese style card base RPG mobile game for iPhone,iPod Touch, iPad, and Android users. Free to download from App Store and Google Play. Customized your squad with your favorite Three Kingdom Heroes to fight against the chaotic tyrant fellows!How you make the strategy is the pivot to win the game!Join now and play with your friends!

– Measureless Valkyries to summon.
-Cultivate your favorite Valkyrie crew and join the odyssey adventure.
-Battle the fellow of the tyrant and create your own nation!
-The authentic Japanese comic RPG, infinite PVP battle arena ever!!

-Improve new skills to bolster your attack.
-Build an unstoppable League of Valkyries with the power to save our world
-Combine the heroes work best together and defeat the boss together in battles.

– Assemble a mighty team of heroes and cross-server arena wars.
-Join the most powerful Guilds. Partake with countless multiplayer in arena!
-Real- time chat and battle base RPG; play with friends in multiplayer modes.

– Train your heroes in journey through different genres of dungeon fashion.
– With daily and special events and constant content updates, you’ll never run out of things to do


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