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UNDEAD FACTORY – Zombie Pandemic Gameplay IOS / Android

UNDEAD FACTORY – Zombie Pandemic Gameplay IOS / Android

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UNDEAD FACTORY~Zombie Pandemic~ by BTD STUDIO Co.,ltd (IOS/Android)
[A strategy game featuring the craziest mass-infection in human history]
The power of the undead is on the rise!
The only rule in this post-apocalyptic world is “survival of the fittest.” Those who steal, survive.

A great many dead have resurrected and walk the Earth following the walker outbreak. The surviving humans have found a way to control the source of the chaos—the walkers themselves.

Humans create walkers and use them to pillage.

The new order of this mad world was but the beginning of the end.

[Undead Factory: Info on the Infection and its Symptoms]

[Symptom 1]
Turn enemy survivors into walkers and cause a pandemic with an innovative “infection system” that will enhance your ability to wage war.

[Symptom 2]
Engage in real-time battles that allow you to throw a massive number of walkers into the fray at once.
Attack and pillage. Leave nothing but a trail of dead in your wake.

[Symptom 3]
Strengthen your defenses to stave off enemy attacks.

[Symptom 4]
Form alliances with like-minded survivors and cause a walker outbreak of your own.

[Decontamination and Treatment]


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