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Treasure Tombs – Launch Trailer

Treasure Tombs – Launch Trailer Free Download

Treasure Tombs – Launch Trailer Android Download iOS Download Treasure Tombs – Launch Trailer

Treasure Tombs is available on the App Store.
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Tip-toe your way through cursed Egyptian tombs, picking up priceless loot and ancient artifacts, and meet some very interesting characters along the way in Dark Tonic’s puzzle-strategy game Treasure Tombs.

– Plunder a diabolical tomb haunted by a grumpy undead pharaoh
– Dodge boobytraps and conquer tricky puzzles
– Collect ancient artifacts once lost to the ages
– Outsmart undead mummy henchmen

Attempting to best his 1922 world record for “Adventure Selfies”, world famous, low-budget adventurer, Colorado Cajones’ lucky chin led him once again to amazing archaelogical finds and certain doom.

With every new level the tombs get bigger, the loot gets rarer, and your torches are running out! Compete against your friends and track their progress to see who really is the toughest adventurer.

Laugh at the hilariously voiced banter, cheesy dialogue, and terrible jokes!

Reach the tomb’s exit before time runs out and you are left in the dark… or worse.

Start exploring Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal now!

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