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Treasure Raider (TH) Gameplay IOS / Android

Treasure Raider (TH) Gameplay IOS / Android

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Treasure Raider by Game Dreamer (IOS/Android)
Hunting adventure Indiana Jones and the World.
Treasure Raider adventure game hunter around the world. Within the Adventure game players to build a team by collecting treasure hunt hunter types. Led his team to explore and solve the mystery. Whether it is a pyramid, rainforest, cemeteries, which are based on the actual location history. These include mummies A guard at the tomb and some friends. Meanwhile, it has the weapons hunt freely switchable. With exciting attacking weapon violence pistol landmines and grenade attacks lightweight category with knife throwing, bow and many include controlling a cool tank, armored battle?
Fully equipped with the system, Action Extreme graphics, beautiful bunches, whether the system will team partner, the skill system, the various modes, tank top deity that it eliminate the gangsters, the seal strengthens, skill. Create a grand battle
The item in the legend to curse like a magic sword that Qin Shi Huang, the mask is made up of tribal blood, Mechanical can be lifted before anyone in history, a shield made of parts Shield of Athena. Na, jewelry, jade aristocratic era Chew Choon so.
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