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Tower defense game – Invasion Premium

Invasion Defеnse is a single player tower defense game. Be one of the Smork race volunteers who dared to explore vastness of space. Their planet is close to energy crisis because reserves of quasicrystals are almost dwindled. This mineral is the basis of all technologies, ammunition and smork’s lives. It looks like blue stone with high energy reserves.

Every recruit is given a spaceship, which is equipped with all latest fly technologies for spaceflights between different planets and for disembarkation.

However, be alert because not everyone will glad to meet you.
Build a defense on the battleground by placing protective turrets. Control the available energy and don’t let the enemy break into your ship.

Company mode includes 13 different planets with a rating of passed levels. Prove that you are the best!

There are 22 unique units with different types of behavior that wonТt let you get bored in dynamic battles. Experiment and invent your own defense strategy.

Buy items of clothing and accessories for you character, create your own unique character. ItТs up to you what to buy: a samurai sword, a space suit or a ninja costume.

Purchase upgrades for your turrets that will help you to deal with enemies. There are 2 paths of development , 8 types of upgrades with different models of turrets.

Survive as long as possible against unlimited wave of enemies. Test your skills for strength; prove that you are one of the best here.

Complete quests and get quasicrystals that you can spend on upgrades or wardrobe items.Download Tower defense game – Invasion Premium for free
Free download Tower defense game – Invasion Premium :

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