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TORCHLIGHT MOBILE (Chinese) iOS Download

Developed by Runic Games and published by China’s Perfect World, Torchlight Mobile is holding it’s first close beta test in China.

Torchlight Mobile is a Mobile Action RPG game that is easy to navigate. In the current Beta, there are 3 playable classes to choose from; Kitsune, Emberblade and Engineer. Similar to the original Torchlight series, the game emphasizes on it’s loot system where equipping different gears will change your character’s sprite accordingly thus creating a unique personalize sprite for each players.

As the Chinese version is co-developed with Perfect World, players will expect to see the more of the Chinese style interface. Combat is great as it has a semi auto aim system. As long as your character’s general direction is facing the enemy, your skills will definitely hit them. This is good for people who have fat fingers like me or devices with smaller screens which generally is difficult to navigate.

● collapse of the world, you need to come forward out! ●
winding core of the world has been destroyed void creatures, human civilization by means of ashes and mechanical forces to establish the young empire “Ciaran.” Schaland’s engineers found the world’s hub device “clockwork core”, and affect the winding of the core normal operation. When the hub connecting the world is destroyed, and full of greed empty race through the winding core invaded from the void world. Crisis is imminent, Chalan heroes, I do not know where to go. Players will be the embodiment of the hero of Charand, in order to block the void invasion, will start the game adventure.

● ● three professional
career there are three players can be selected, and they are “ashes warrior”, “fox spirit” and “engineer.” Players can customize their own roles, different roles, fighting resources will be different, which will make the role of the fighting mode has its own unique distinction.

● a profession, one hundred kinds of combinations of skill system ●
each class has six skills can be combined two by two into a more powerful spell, and the combined order is not the same, can be turned into thirty-six skills, coupled with later, Into a combination of more than a hundred kinds of skills are played!

● immediate team were fighting a “Map Mania” mode ●
Do not try singled BOSS, this is not a joke! “LINE light of the torch light version of the” Let you invite friends to fight side by side, more than instant connection to challenge the super BOSS and infinite city!

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Download TORCHLIGHT MOBILE (Chinese) iOS for Free

Download TORCHLIGHT MOBILE (Chinese) iOS Game

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