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Blockbuster RPG countervailing real time from Korea.
For the first time gamers will be fighting Vietnam directly (PvP Realtime) as Gladiators at the Coliseum full of suspense and thrilling. Vivid 3D graphics, the ability to customize and change tactics immediately weapons in combat will be a challenge for a lethal tactics players want to win the champion. TOP – Death and Life Arena promises to be an RPG combined tournament eSports vibrant and attractive!

FEATURES FEATURES: ★ 3D GRAPHIC LIFE, PK ULTIMATE Already have hand eye 3D technology and gameplay with ultra quality from Korea. ★ FIGHT DEATH IMMORTAL 3 VS. 3 REALTIME Team up to fight real time with friends, challenging tactical brain weight. ★ LEGENDARY GAME EVENT 1 VS. 1 REALTIME Experience combat capability flexible realtime independent ★ Colosseum 1 VS. 15 Hone your skills to become the most powerful Gladiators. ★ CHANGE WEAPONS AND PRACTICE NOW RECRUITING IN COMBAT Change strategy, launched a surprise attack, turn the ball away. ★ summoned polytheistic Customize skills liking, test development, “Great Move End” super ★ challenge FRIENDS Lower than the same accomplices high finance ★ ROTATE HORIZONTAL VERTICAL SCREEN Break all limits, delight all angles.

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