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Toddlers & Kids Preschool

(Updated :
Oct 14,2015)

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Game Description

The toddler and kids preschool activity game is especially made to help all the kids learn lot of different activities related to educational purposes. Lots of activities are included in a totally fun way which will get the kids addicted with the game and also making them learn lot of things. Play games like matching the shapes and colors, building different shapes, learning alphabets and so many different educational activities. Complete all the Tasks and games to teach yourselves lot of different things.

Activities in the game:

1) Match the different colors and their shapes with the similar ones.
2) Learn to build many different vehicles.
3) Learn all the alphabets and numbers also match them.
4) Arrange the numbers and set the time in the clock.
5) Choose the difficulty level as per your age.
6) Share this educational game with friends and share all the learning activities with them.

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