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Toddler Life


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Game Description

The life of a toddler is tension free and full of fun but still they do have to complete various different tasks and be responsible for lot of day to day activities. The Toddlers life features a whole collection of activities for kids which they can play to learn a lot of responsible activities that they have to do as a kid. Also have fun playing lot of games like memory games, dress up game, cooking games etc. Enjoy doing activities like gardening and growing some beautiful flowers, fish catching race, preparing a cup cake and much more.

Activities in the game:


  • First of all clean your room, the toilet and your fish aquarium.
  • Plant some beautiful flowers and remove all the insects from it.
  • Race with your friend in catching the maximum fish in the given time.
  • Go for an adventurous boat racing with your friend.
  • Wash your clothes and iron them and complete various different fun activities in the game.
  • Share this amazing entertaining game with your friends and complete all the activities with them


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