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Toddler Learning Activities


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Game Description

Board the toy train of learning and educational activities and enjoy playing lots of different games. Start your journey by building and coloring the train and gather all the gifts and put it into the train. Each bogey of the train has new activities waiting for you where you can learn different things through fun activities and games. There are dozens of bogeys which means you can play dozens of different educational games on each bogeys. Complete the first activity to move onto the next activity. Learn so many different things in this toddler learning activity game.


Activities in the game:


  • Complete the drawing on different vehicles.
  • Play games like identifying the objects and separating them.
  • Arrange the vehicles from small to big.
  • Build different shapes and clock and learn to color so many different vehicles.
  • Lot of other innovative activities which the kids will surely find enjoyable to learn with.
  • Share this game with your friends and have fun in the educational train.


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