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Looking for a team of Rambos you can put in your pocket? Recruit and train a ragtag band of soldiers and take them into battle.

== Features ==
+ Light-hearted gameplay with strategic and tactical battles and indirect troop control.
+ Tiny, angry army dudes with a huge collection of crazy weapons and gear.
+ Handcrafted music and cartoonish graphics inspired and approved by a guinea pig named Boris.

This is just how an Expendables game should be in our world.

+ “The Riot” story campaign. Fight runaway outlaws on urban streets and bring back peace to the Quiet Heaven.
+ Two new equipment sets. “Leprechaun’s Battledress” for CritChance and “Mercenary’s Glorious Maximus” for CritBonus.
+ Event Missions new balance and rewards.
+ Now you can view trooper’s details while on battle squad screen.

Dedicated to International Skeptics Day. Hey you who doubt and ask questions – we salute you. Or we do not. Or, we do salute, but not you…

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Download THE TROOPERS iOS / Android for Free

Download THE TROOPERS iOS / Android Game

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