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The Surge: Behind The Scenes

The Surge: Behind The Scenes for Xbox

Dive behind the scenes in The Surge latest trailer, as Deck13 chats about what went into creating The Surge’s brutal combat and unique sci-fi setting.

The game takes place in the devastated facility of tech company CREO, which has been overrun by crazed employees with fried cranial implants and robots gone haywire. You’ll play as Warren, who is kitted with a powerful exo-skeleton that allows him to engage with the lethal enemies that now inhabit CREO.

The combat system gives you the complete freedom to individually target and slice off enemies’ limbs, using a combination of horizontal and vertical attacks. Depending on where you dismember, you’ll be able to take the weapon or armor piece that the enemy was wearing for yourself.

Prepare for The Surge May 16 on Xbox One.

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