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The Exorcism by Mobusi Mobile Advertising S.L. (iOS / Android)

Welcome to The Exorcism, the revelation game of the year.

Play a fun arcade game with amazing and entertaining PIXEL ART graphics and music – authentic 8bit voices. A retro trip to your childhood games.

Your mission is simple, you must save the souls of the different characters in the game:
– Caroline, the charming little girl now possessed by the devil.
– Mrs Anna, a charming housewife who now has a nasty habit of vomiting and urinating in the kitchen.
– Toby the little housekeeper, now with the agressiveness of a doberman.

Coming soon, the game’s new SURPRISE character, an authentic Satan to Heavy Metal rhythm…

The simple mechanics of the game will get you hooked trying to get more crucifixes… when obtaining a certain amount of crucifixes, you will unlock new characters to play with.

We hope that you will enjoy this game. Please remember to give us a positive review if you like the game, your help is important for us to keep creating.

Mobusi Games Studio 2015

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