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Tavern Game Android Android

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Tavern Game is a fantasy turn-based collectible online game. It combines elements of TCG and board games.
Tavern Game shares the same story and worldview of our first game “Dragon Flare”. But in this new game, instead of fighting with monsters and evil dragons, heroes take a break and have some fun in the tavern, duel with other heroes by using minions, spell cards, and dices.

Assemble your deck from over 70 cards across 3 hero classes and Challenge other players in 1V1, 2V2, and more modes.

Key Features

Easy to Learn but Hard to Master: Tavern Game offers unique gameplay, which is easy to pick up and experience but with deep and diverse strategy.

Fast Matches: A match lasts 5~10 minutes and focuses on thoughtful decision-making. Tavern Game is breathtaking and filled with complex tactical and decisions. It requires both careful forethought and good luck.

Competitive: You can play against players of equal skill on the Ranked Ladder, or join a 2V2 or Brawl mode where anything can happen.

Collection: Every card has its own story. Tavern Game tells the epic story of Dragon Flare world in a different way.


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