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Lucky Shot PRO

Lucky Shot – Game in which accuracy and agility are very important. Shoot the right places and collect the…
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Football- Free Kick Hero…

This is your battlefield
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Wings of Virtus

Pilot, fasten your seatbelts and defend the skyline against the enemy intruder! Send the alien motherships back to the…
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Survivor Cube

Survivor Cube – is a mix of action and survival game.
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Discover Piffle a cute arcade puzzle game full of adorable characters and…cats!
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Tower Power – Flick…

Welcome to the super kawaii world of Bunny Star Land.
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Ball Shooter

Ball Shooter is an awesome game to kill time. Super fun for all ages.
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Dinos Royale – Savage…

Ride on the back of a dinosaur wielding heavy weaponry and fight to be the last one standing in…
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Dinosaur Battle Survival

Get ready to demolish the city and shoot down your opponents in Dinosaur Battle Survival. You are playing as…
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Real Crime Simulator

This a unique game brings you to the streets full citizens, cops, gangsters and boss of mafia. Become a…
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