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Draw One Stroke 2019:…

The rule is simple, you have to draw one stroke only to connect all the points, then victory is…
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Egypt Fever

egypt fever
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Rectangles PRO

Challenge people from all around the world in our new puzzle logic game Rectangles! Will you make it into…
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Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath

Become a doctor in a romantic medical drama with aspiring intern Allison Heart!
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Tic Tac Toe Qubes

The Tic Tac Toe Qubes is a new logical board game for kids and adult. This is not an…
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Citizen of Rome –…

Dynasty Ascendant: CItizen of Rome is a sandbox role playing offline game where you control a character and their…
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Ball Hero 4 –…

Are you a fan of the hit Super Red Ball Hero 4 series?
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Maze Frontier – Minesweeper…

In order to meet again with the girl who has unexpectedly passed away, a lovely silent boy embarked on…
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Planet Overlord

Click on the screen to launch missile for expelling the aliens to occupy the planet.
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Jewels Temple Fantasy

Get prepared for your adventure traveling in time!
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