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Symphony of Stars

Symphony holds a secret.
Symphony may determine who among the factions survives another generation.
Symphony, one way or another, will be a turning point, and potentially an end. It will lead some of us to ruin and others to incredible strength. Three factions have sought Symphony more than any others, and today all three factions have arrived on the scene of the final struggle in that pursuit.

This is a space combat game with a bit of a twist. At the start, you choose a faction to fight for. Now you’ll need to help them take and defend territory, worry about resources, and defend against other player attacks. Each map is randomly generated with planets of different planets, stars, and black holes. Secure a foothold for your faction in this multiplayer space combat game.

(This game is still under active development, and should be changing quite a bit over the next few months!)Download Symphony of Stars for free
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