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Sword Soul OL Gameplay iOS / Android

Sword Soul OL Gameplay iOS / Android

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SwordSoul OL(EN) by 4399enGame (iOS/Android)
Traditional ARPG with Martial Arts, SwordSoul OL will provide you most thrilling game experience.
In the world of SwordSoul OL, you are a super hero talented in martial arts and born with the power to summon magic mounts. While darkness is enveloping this magic land, you are the only hope to save it from destruction!

— Key Features —
1. 3 Heroes in 1 Battle
You can change between 3 Heroes in battle! Every hero with unique skill combos! Skill makes victory!

2. Over 100 heroes on your command!
Over 100 heroes with over 300 skills you can use! One-touch to release ultimate skills in real-time battle. Timing makes a real master!

3. Cross-Server PK – Show your king power!
Real-time PK mode makes your heart race in excitement! Only challenging the strong ones can make you even stronger.

4. Mount System
Over 10 kinds of mounts in game are waiting for your summon. Riding on a mount and speed up the journey!

5. Diamond Self-producing
Join the turf war and conquer the land with abundant resources! You can even produce diamonds by yourself.

6. Customize avatar
Wanna be outstanding in game? Wanna be attractive in this magic world? SwordSoul OL allows you to change your favorite avatar.

If you are fan of martial arts or action game, the depth and charm of SwordSoul OL will totally draw you in.


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