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Sword Craft (CN) Gameplay iOS / Android

Sword Craft (CN) Gameplay iOS / Android

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Sword Craft by EFUN COMPANY LIMITED (iOS/Android)
Do you know the weight of soul? And do you believe your soul can be stolen?
It’s the most competitive ARPG game in 2016. You can enjoy the most exciting fighting, the panoramic vision, and the real-time PK in the game. In war those who win become rulers and those who lose are reduced to bandits. What are you waiting for? Use your fingers to beat your enemies down. PK FOR 24 HOURS. PLAY FOR FREE!
Game Feature
*There is no safe area.
In this competitive world, you have no time think more. All you need to do is to beat down your enemies. As long as you want, you can fight in 24 hours.
*Various equipments are waiting for you.
As long as you can beat down the BOSS in the game, you can collect the rare equipment to enhance your heroes to defend your country.
*Well, you can get married in the game.
Choose the best partner to get married as you want. It’s funny to marry somebody in the game.
*Pets or mounts? You can own all.
You can select the cutest pets and the most beautiful mounts in the game. It’s the symbol of reverence.


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