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Survivor Squad Gameplay iOS / Android

Survivor Squad Gameplay iOS / Android

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Survivor Squad by Dmitry Momzikov (iOS/Android)
When zombies eat your neighbours, who you gonna call? Naturally, a handful of buddies with a crapload of firearms! Be quick, be mean and shoot your way through various town locations. Beware! Streets are narrow and full of rotten people, willing to make delicious zombie-pasta of your guts. Make them starve!
• A mind blowing and fast-paced action game about survival in post-apocalyptic world full of zombies.
• Real-time co-op multiplayer with 4 different modes to choose from. It’s better to die in a good company!
• A bulk of deadly firearms to make the world a brighter place.
• A bunch of zombies types, some of them will land you a hand in a minute of need… The hand they’ve recently torn apart from less lucky survivalist.
• A quiet town to crash in the middle of nowhere with a workshop to improve your arms, a hospital to recover, a farm to catch a badass tattooed pig for a lunch.


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