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Surprise the cat 2! Sounds, phrasebook

Communication with a cat or a cat was not so easy! Easy to learn feline language with the help of a dictionary for cats, kittens and cats. Include our application phrasebook for pets, choose what you want to say and the chosen dictionary will do everything yourself! Remains only to watch the cool reaction of the pet. After all, just click on the image in the application, and thus talk to the cat or cat, using the prepared sounds of cats, kittens and cats. Your kittens, cats and cats will not remain indifferent!
The whole joke will be in the reaction of your cat, cat or kitten, if he or she hears the familiar sounds of a cat’s tongue, from your phrase book application.

Warning: we are not responsible if the cat phrasebook does not help. Every cat, cat or kitten can hear the application differently!
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