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Support Pazaak Cantina

Get YOUR DESIRED NAME added as an AI Opponent in Pazaak Cantina by purchasing this App. Your support keeps Pazaak Cantina advertisement free, and supports me as an independent developer.

Pazaak Cantina is a free game, and it features NONE of those annoying advertisements that many mobile games are riddled with. Instead of forcing you to view those hideous ads to make a quick buck, I’ve decided to simply ask for your support. Please, if you enjoy the game and would like to show your appreciation for Pazaak Cantina, purchase this app now.

After purchasing, use the button to send me your desired name to be added to the opponent name list in Pazaak Cantina. I will take your name and put it in the game for others to play against as an AI opponent.

If you have any issues, please email me with your order ID and desired name.

Thank you very much.Download Support Pazaak Cantina for free
Free download Support Pazaak Cantina :

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