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SHOOT tons of BULLETS in the familiar legendary game style.
Battle along with comrade and eliminate enemies with 100+ weapons, 1,000+ changeable appearance. Fight in devastating terrain from dried desert to damp swamp.
Prepare to meet the real classic style, combined with modern elements
Extreme bombardment, so much fun
• Easy control with Auto Clear system
• PvP with your friends in Arena Mode
• Event modes and thousands of quests to complete
• Fight together with friends in Guild System
• Gigantic Riad Boss to fight along with everyone in the world
• Varieties of Ranking mode to conquer
• Devastating attack from reinforcements
• Upgrade weapons and Suits to increase Stats and Coolest looking!

• Eliminate enemies as a one man army or stomp Non-Stop bullets with your friends
• Party with friends to annihilate your foes
• Varities of weapons and reinforcements such as Jet Fighter, Missile Firing Ship, War Tank to crush down anything in your path
• Be the 1st of world’s ranking


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