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Super Dungeon Bros – Meet the Broettes

Super Dungeon Bros – Meet the Broettes

Welcome to Meet the Broettes! A feisty female foursome available as free downloadable content from November 1st (for a limited time only) on Xbox One for the rock themed co-op dungeon brawler Super Dungeon Bros!

Patti: Illuminating the dark recesses of Rökheim, Patti is an eternally happy soul. Positivity is her mantra and nothing will diminish her uplifting spirit.

Nyx: Always ahead of the latest trends, Nyx is the go to girl for all things now. Pessimism overrules her wise mind but her loyalty is strong.

Lita: With a penchant for cats & strategic dismemberment (not mutually exclusive), Lita has the voice of an angel and the mind of a killer.

Jett: Raised in a brutal society and highly trained in combat, Jett is a confrontational assassin and unafraid of what lies around the corner. There is no other way than Jett’s way, remember that!

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