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Super Cloudbuilt Coming Soon to Xbox One

Super Cloudbuilt Coming Soon to Xbox One for Xbox

Super Cloudbuilt is coming to Xbox One on July 28th 2017 but you can pre-order now to save 10%. Super Cloudbuilt is a game of high-octane, rocket-fuelled parkour and sharp-shooting. Play as Demi, a wounded soldier who awakens in a strange new environment. Explore levels in your exo-suit, which allows you to boost at high speeds through precarious terrains, leaping between platforms which float above a mysterious abyss. The environment is littered with enemies, turrets and barriers, designed to stop Demi from reaching her goal: mastering her skills and coming to terms with her new reality. Take your time to explore and collect power-ups or test your speedrunning skills through multiple paths, ranked and challenge modes, with your high scores recorded on one of over 200 individual leaderboards.

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