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STAR OCEAN: Anamnesis

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[Square Enix × Tri-Ace]
“Star Ocean” latest series. Finally emerged as the first smartphone RPG!
And the story over the sea of ​​stars, is a high-end action RPG where you can enjoy the flashy 3D action battle.

Stardate 539 years
2 years from the fight over the space-time emblem —-
The post-war process of the Galactic Federation and the Kronos also smoothly completed,
Federal inside had enjoyed a gentle peace.

Meanwhile, the Federal affiliation to promote deep space search
Tragedy strikes in GFSS-3214F exploration combat ship.
During feedback from the exploration mission, Oboshiki and three ships of space pirates
It received a swoop of warships, that I had suffered a great damage to the hull.

Many of the crew were sidelined by the escape pod,
The last remaining captain dared emergency subspace warp to protect the ship.
Gravity turn and at the same time carried out the warp failure.
Wrapped in the dazzling light, consciousness would have been swallowed by the darkness.

Awakening location is distant universe than federal jurisdiction.
It was on top of the planet to spread the wilderness as far as the eye can see —-

«Game Features»

1. Series the fastest action battle with easy operation!
2. Multiplayer up to the first series of up to four people!
3. High-end graphics that push the limits of the smartphone!
4. All-Star party to combine the successive character freely!


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