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Spider-Man Unlimited – iOS / Android – Mysterion / Mysterio Fight

Download game Spider-Man Unlimited – iOS / Android – Mysterion / Mysterio Fight

Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft

Mysterion Fight / Mysterio Fight – Issue 6 Gameplay and some Unlimited Mode.

What's New in Version 1.6.0
Issue 6 is finally here… Let the show begin! Mysterio has arrived to make the Sinister Six whole again, as his toxic mist corrodes the minds of Spider-Man and his allies! There's no time to waste — it's do or die to save the dimension from destruction!

• Face-off against MYSTERIO, the final Sinister Six villain, in Issue 6 and events! Featuring 5 comic variants of Mysterio! Play 25 new mind-bending missions to complete the Sinister Six saga!
• MYSTERIO’S DREAM WORLD: Can you escape the illusion? Take on the giant Mysterio boss and his mini-clones to get back to reality!
• TITAN SPIDERS: Experience an all-new level of power with a NEW rarity and abilities! Dominate the leaderboards by obtaining an 8-star rank and reaching a max level of 110!
• 7 new alternate dimension Spideys! Mary Jane arrives as Mangaverse Spider-Woman! Plus, Scarlet Spider (Felicity Hardy), Spiders Man and more!
• Upcoming special events for Father’s Day and Independence Day!
• Coming Soon: Experience Ultimate Spider-Man’s journey! An all-new Multi-day event featuring an event exclusive special boss!

And we love our community, so we have new community-requested features!
• A new community vote where YOU decide the next Spidey to enter our dimension.
• Spidey Ops improvements: Improved chances of success, increased XP rewards, and the ability to play with Spiders who are currently on Ops missions!
• Full controller support for Mfi controllers.
• New objective counters to better track event progress.
• Plus, pesky bugs have been squashed to further improve gameplay.

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