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Space Shooter: Galaxy Bullet Hell

This space shooter in an addictive game in the vein of old retro arcade shoot’em ups with a small touch of modern elements. Immerse yourself in its gameplay, destroy your targets and dodge the enemy bullets to reach the end of a stage.

Shoot and evade to survive – unlock a variety of weapons, upgrade them and use them throughout your missions. Use your skills to fly your spaceship through deadly enemy territory, defeat as many enemies as possible and evade their attacks.

Upgrade your ship to last longer in missions and live through encounters with deadly bosses. Gather lives to survive through the bullet hell that the enemies push you through and leave your mark on the leaderboards.

– Amazing visuals and special effects
– Includes power-ups and bosses!
– Global leaderboard!
– Weapons to unlock and upgrade

– Use touch controls or joystick to move your spaceship
– Dodge the enemy bullets!
– Upgrade your weapons and spaceship.
– Change weapons to your most desired.

The galaxy is at your door, get your weapons ready for battle.
Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Bullet Hell for free
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