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Space Rescue Shooter

Space Rescue Shooter is an action-packed offline game that challenges you to blast through the galaxy! Smash cosmic bubbles, and rush in to save the day. Experience bursts of color when you hit and match! It’s the ultimate bubble shooter experience. You will be blown away by this space journey with great graphics and effects.

How to Save the Galaxy
Space Rescue Shooter is a new offline rescue game. Join a galactic mission, dash across the cosmos, and save the bots trapped in the bubbles. Here’s how to do it:
★ Aim the bubble shooter at the balls you want to pop.
★ Shoot 3 balls that match to smash.
★ When you blast a match, a new row of balloons drops down.
★ The more matching bubbles you burst simultaneously, the more points you win.
★ Free the robots trapped in bubbles!
★ Keep blasting until you’ve cleared the board.

Cosmic & Epic Features

Ready for some fun that is totally out of this world? Check out these colossal bubbles game features that are truly cosmic!

– Better than any board game, Space Rescue Shooter is totally free and available to download on your Android!
– Addictive shooting challenges.
– No internet game: No WiFi? No problem! Play with no need of internet connection. It’s a fun and thrilling action adventure!
– Tons of challenging puzzles: fun quests, addictive levels, and super mind booster that make you build strategies to win big prizes.
– Bubble swap option is free
– Super cool intergalactic journey
– Super aim shooter, with powerful shots and explosions
– Win daily bonuses: In Space Rescue Shooter, you’re a winner every day! You can win coins, earn gifts, and even get some awesome surprises as you battle through thousands of levels!

Download Space Rescue Shooter now, play offline, and win big!
Download Space Rescue Shooter for free
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