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Soul Summoner 2 Android

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Soul Summoner 2 Android Android

Soul Summoner 2 Android iOS

Inspired by Japan-Korea fantasy gaming, 《Soul Summoner 2 – The Dragon》 is packed with intense storyline and background which has a “first-of-its-kind” “Ride Battle” and “Air Battle” mode that will keep you going to the very end. Captivating battle scenes, ride the fire-breathing dragons, and train your avatar – all in the cutting edge 3D visual. Evil is rising from the dark realm, condemn the evils and bring back the light.
—— Key features —–
[A feast of cutting-edge visual]
Blue-Ray visual quality delivered by Unity 3D. Experience the Japan-Korea fantasy world and travel through the extraordinary future of mobile gaming.
[Four classes]
Make your choice from an array of class: Saint Knight, Berserk, Assassin, and Mage. Each class possess own unique techniques that will lead you through different battle paths.
[Mount and divine pet]
Presenting “Ride Battle” and “Air Battle” – a “first-of-its-kind” battle mode that will captivate both of your sight and hear.
[Unbreakable brotherhood]
More than 50 partners available in game. Bring them into the battlefield and fight alongside with you!
[Exclusive Equipment]
Collect up to 300 equipments, experience the cool transformation in the exclusive equipment upgrade system!
[Battle mode]
Precisely controlled mad combo chains, all in seamless transitions. Get to explore the future of mobile gaming right here in 《Soul Summoner 2 – The Dragon》.
[A sensational piece of work]
Melancholic storyline, devastating battles combine in a spellbinding visual and aural landscape – 《Soul Summoner 2 – The Dragon》 has done many breakthroughs that greatly enhance players gaming experience.


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