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Recommended ten million blood MMO players –2016 most popular Q version of massively multiplayer mobile games in the MMO action “Soul Story” launch shock! New jobs, new ways, new experiences, opening a new era!
“Soul Story” In beautiful map of the scene, impressive classical architecture, the classic themes of magic, build a comprehensive epic fantasy world.
Attract goddess subordinates, arrested Variety Meng pet, feeding mysterious monster, created exclusive clan, guild associations to create, destroy the devil Cthulhu, repair time-warped. Immediately turn, belongs to u new world!
[Game Features]
Combat fighting blood colored everything Thrilling PK play, competitive battlefield 1V1 singled, Moba class play 3V3 battle, the gods Throne throne ladder Commander, six career match-ups, enjoy an open battle, enjoy the bloody world!

Q Meng wayward God pet one hundred kinds of skills mix Dozens of different shapes Meng pet, pet rich culture system, with hundreds of unique treasure with arbitrary, easy to build single One goes Meng pet, new world travel help u!

Variety fashion modeling fashion dress up means
For occupational characteristics to create personalized fashion, free with the tide faction styling, cool shape, so u have not One kind of unique image!

Copy of the classic best props all fall
A copy of the continuation of the classic play, fighting off blood passion, rare props, top equipment, everyone can easily have a free fall, the most conscientious game!

Guild build inter-service hegemony passion
Create guilds, build blood brothers, hegemony open road, no longer wait, One touch that is made! One call 100 should strongest aspirations mainland, as long as Naixiang, no not!

We are very happy to give you any problems Jue solutions encountered in the game, please contact us:
Official Facebook: https: //
Official micro letter (weChat): Ygamelhwy


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