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Song of The World

Dive into the world of “Song of the World”
and see the dark fairy tale unfold
in this beautifully crafted pixel RPG adventure.

The indie dev team Team D.T.R. presents!
Join the humming voices of the refugee children as they sing the “Song of the World”.

– Control characters with unique abilities, such as the cruel-fated Princess Lucia, Zion the last elf from 200 years in the future, and Rezette the treasure hunter who must repeat time to change their fates.
– See their stories unfold with beautiful illustrations and pixel art, smashing the enemies as you go!

Thanks to all your support for “Lilith: the Twin Moons”, the saga continues!
“Song of the World” ranked #1 in mobile games on Tumblebug (the largest crowdfunding site in Korea). This project was made possible thanks to all our backers.
Experience the classic RPG adventure with the contents of “Lilith: the Twin Moons” along with BRAND-NEW features and stories!

** Features **

▶ Customize the beautiful pixel art characters to your liking
▶ Unlock the ‘Diary’ journal entries for more stories as you beat each stage
▶ Make this your first RPG. Easy controls for everyone to enjoy!
▶ Smash the enemies with engaging 2D combat!


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Total Size : 259 Mb

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