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Every day is match day! Pass, tackle and shoot your way to the win! Play matches against teams from all over the world! This is a real-time multiplayer game – designed for touch screens.

Focus on the fun stuff! The intuitive control will let you hit through-balls, shoot one timers and make sliding tackles with ease.

Build a strong team! Train your players and make them even better. A faster center, smarter goalie or tougher defenders – it’s up to you.

Advance in the leagues! With a strong team you’ll get access to bigger arenas and tougher competition. Between big matches, relax with a friendly game or go to the training pitch.

– Challenge teams from all over the world.
– Earn Training Points and train your players.
– Improve your rating and get promoted to higher leagues.
– Win cards and collect Star Players.
– Challenge your friends and settle who has the best team
– Stickers!

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Download Solid Soccer –

Solid Soccer – Download Game

Solid Soccer – For Android

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