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Slices! Fruit pieces! Circle puzzles game!

“Slices” is an original color puzzle game. It will get you hooked. This circle game is interesting both for kids and adult players. Besides, the game is addictive, but it is not a problem, because you can really get relaxed and calm during the play.
The rules of the “Slices” arcade game are very simple. There are six empty circles with six sectors in each of them around the central circle game on the display. A fruit slice appears in the central circle and you have to decide which of the outer circles it matches. After you have decided where to put it, just click on the appropriate place of the outer circle and the slice will be moved there. Then another slice shows up in the centre. Sometimes two or three connected slices appear and you have to put them in an empty place, too.
Do the same actions again and again. As soon as a circle becomes full with pieces, it disappears, and you can gather a new one in its place. The circles near the completed circle disappear too. It gives you a great advantage. So try to complete neighboring circles game.
In Slices hyper casual game you have unlimited amount of moves in the slice game until there is at least one empty appropriate place for the slice. Under the circles, at the bottom of the screen, you can see what kind of piece is coming next. Putting each slice in its place, you get points – one point for one slice. One slice is one sixth of the circle. When a whole circle is gathered, you get six additional points.
After you have passed a level all the circles around become empty and you can pass the next level. How to pass more and more levels? There are several tips for doing well. Try to leave as few holes in the circles color puzzle fun, that you have started to fill, as you can. It is better to gather the slices in one or two circles if there are empty places in them, than to put the fruit slice everywhere. Watch the kind of pieces that is coming next in order to try to save a place for it.
If you lose, it is not so bad, because you can start a new good games. You will have a chance to pass the level by approaching it in a different way. Otherwise, you have to watch a video advertisement and only then you will be able to continue your game without losing the collected points.
This one of most relaxing games has several features:
the gameplay is easy and fascinating,
the graphics and sounds of the game are stunning and unique,
it has an endless number of levels,
big variety of pieces and slices (kiwi, watermelon, tomato), flower slices (sunflower, chamomile, cornflower), doughnuts, pies and even pizza slice will be available;
you can download slices for free.
The game has several settings. You can turn on and off the music, the sounds and the vibration. You can also select the language of the menu.
Anyway, if you like colorful relaxing games and love puzzle fun you should download this game, it will be one of your most favorites.

Enjoy the game!
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