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Slaughter Dark Demons Gameplay IOS / Android

Slaughter Dark Demons Gameplay IOS / Android

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Slaughter Dark Demons by meng zhao (IOS/Android)
“Slaughter Dark Demons” is a pure dark theme style game. It has strong blow feeling and require good control. You can challenge normal stages, Boss fights, elite stages, PVP and many more combat modes;

Player can gain equipments from stages, lost treasury or other places;
The game offers player perfect weapon upgrade system, you can forge, drill, socket to increase your equipment’s battle score;
In every character level, every real time interval and every PVP rank, the game system all prepared generous rewards. You can even challenge the “future yourself”;
Each character has 8 active skills for player to control, besides there are also 10 passive skills. Player can use melting equipment to increase fame, which are used to upgrade your passive skills.
Every BOSS in game is very challenging, but as long as you defeat them, you will be able to enjoy fantastic story illustrations.
Game Features:
【Legendary cut scenes which will shock your mind, player can know the game story from Illustrations.】
【The game world theme is mainly about the wars among gods, human and demons before the Renaissance. Player are seeking the evil power source through playing game】
【Well crafted game music will bring player to a new world, where player can experience gloomy underground, molten hell, brutal Zombie King and mighty Flame Prince】
【The game has all kinds of systems, like stage challenge, forging, item mall, lost treasury, skill upgrade, drilling, socketing, melting, PVP match, VIP, fame…etc. As a single play game, it is really amazing.】


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