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Skullgirls – iOS / Android / Steam – Gameplay Video

Skullgirls – iOS / Android / Steam – Gameplay Video

Skullgirls is a 2D Fighting RPG packed with unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize as you search for the mysterious SKULLGIRL!

Thousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn 2D animation delivers one of the most visually polished games you’ll play on mobile!

• Custom controls designed specifically for mobile allow you to effortlessly execute a wide variety of amazing moves and combos with a single tap or swipe.
• New Fighting Game player? Use Fight Assist and focus ONLY on strategic decisions.
• Experienced Fighting Game player? Discover deep tactical choices, unique combos, juggles, and more!
• Finally, a Fighting Game for everyone!

• RPG players will feel right at home!
• Collect dozens of Characters that can each be customized in a variety of ways to suit your playstyle!
• Unlock Special Moves and Blockbusters that can be upgraded and equipped before each battle – pick the perfect loadout!
• Build teams of up to 3 Fighter – find the best combination to maximize synergies!
• Explore an ever-growing collection of characters

• Story Mode – Seek out the Skullgirl before she destroys New Meridian!
• Quick Play – Only have a few minutes? Jump in and quickly train your characters in fights that automatically balance themselves to match your team.
• Daily Events – Character-specific events are added daily – can you conquer them all?
• Training – Practice combos, try different team combinations and prefect your technique!

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