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Shield of Kingdoms Gameplay iOS / Android

Shield of Kingdoms Gameplay iOS / Android

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Shield of Kingdoms is a strategy Role-Playing game based on the Three Kingdoms. It combines tower defense, card-collecting, construction simulator and so much more exciting gameplay. Apart from construction and army formation, players also need to use their strategy to train Generals and match different Professions. Players must protect their kingdoms by building a solid line of defense and resist the attacks of players all around the world. Join us now and create your own Three Kingdoms. Defeat opponents in this epic battlefield! Rewrite the history of the Three Kingdoms with the legend of yours!
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-The Three Kingdom Warriors Collecting-

In the game, you can train your own combat team through recruiting Generals, collecting treasures, upgrading equipment. You can do more than clear stages and complete with other players. Combine your courage and strategy to win the war!

-Skill Enchantment-

Upgrading your Generals to become even stronger. Don’t forget to check those stunning figures when you improve them to a brand new level! A heroic breakthrough can make a significant contribution to your battle power!

– Arena Challenge –

Strengthen your team by challenging Arena! You can also plunder or explore in Experience System to acquire more shards of Generals, resources and equipment.

-Build and Defend your Kingdom-

Build and defend your kingdom by constructing the line of defense. Train a powerful army is also a wise choice.

-Worldwide Battle of Heroes-

Join the alliance, fight with worldwide players and become the warlord of the most exciting age!


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