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Shibuya Grandmaster : Normal Mode ios Gameplay

Download game Shibuya Grandmaster : Normal Mode ios Gameplay

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Shibuya Grandmaster : Normal Mode ios Gameplay
Shibuya Grandmaster by Nevercenter is a new awesome puzzle game now available on iphone and ipad.
Can you become a Grandmaster? Featuring a stunningly simple and award-winning mechanic, Shibuya Grandmaster is a fast-paced arcade game of depth and old-school challenge that will have you honing your skills for years.
It's simple to learn, but you'll be tested as your brain adapts to a whole new way of thinking and your fingers try to keep up. Don't give up! As you learn to effortlessly plan ahead, form combos, and dig yourself out of tight spots, the feeling of being in the zone is unlike anything else.

Features :
– A completely original game mechanic, celebrated by the PAX 10, IGF, and critics.
– Truly free. The only in-app purchases are cosmetic backgrounds/color sets.
– An old-school arcade experience based on developing pure skill.
– An addictive progression system which constantly teaches you to improve.
– 7 gameplay speeds, up to the impossibly fast Gentle Rain.
– 60fps silky-smooth and responsive gameplay.
– Customization via a wide variety of atmospheric backgrounds and color sets.
– 5-song licensed soundtrack.
– Colorblind-friendly color set swapping.
– Leaderboards across multiple categories to challenge your friends.

Shibuya Grandmaster is completely free, without any ads or pay gates to halt your progression. Instead, it's supported entirely by optional purchases of gorgeous animated backgrounds and color sets.
There is no doubt after playing the game you will want to support the developers ! If you enjoy the game, please pick one up!
This gameplay video of Shibuya Grandmaster has been recorded on ipad and is showing the gameplay in Normal Mode. Please subscribe for more iphone game reviews !

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